What is OH?


In 2011, it started as an idea – a concept. But like a flower coming into full bloom, Open Heavens has become a city-wide, history making celebration on New Year’s Eve. This event brings thousands together young and old – moving past barriers of culture, geography and church doctrine, to experience an extraordinary night of praise & worship to the King of Kings.

Breaking every barrier of thought and expectation, it started with just over 3,000 people gathered together in the largest free gospel concert ever held in the country. Now with an attendance of 10,000 and counting, Open Heavens is an awe-inspiring phenomenon that positively impacts and redefines the worship experience. God has expanded our territory, allowing us to be a city set upon a hill that (most definitely) cannot be hidden. Through Him, year by year we continue to break the record of hosting the largest free gospel concert in Canada and believe this is just the beginning. And if it seems like it couldn’t get any better, we are also drenched in showers of blessings as we enjoy the WORD from our globally acclaimed Pastor Wale Akinsiku, who always leads a unique prayer session that seals our victory for the New Year.

As we exit each year positively transformed, Open Heavens brings a unique opportunity to experience God on a whole new level as we engage with the worship ministrations. Each year, Open Heavens features the foremost music ministers to uplift the human spirit as we usher in a new year in the presence of our God along with our brothers and sisters in Christ.